Ed Sheeran: Complete Studio Album Collection - 3 Vinyls

Enjoy the ultimate Ed Sheeran experience with his full studio album collection on 3 vinyls

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The Ed Sheeran: Complete Studio Album Collection includes all three of his studio albums - "+" (Plus), "x" (Multiply), and "÷" (Divide) - on vinyl format, allowing fans to enjoy his entire discography in a high-quality, analog experience. This collection is a must-have for any Ed Sheeran enthusiast or vinyl collector.

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Additional Product Details

  • Complete collection of Ed Sheeran's studio albums in vinyl format
  • Includes "+" (2011), "x" (2014), and "÷" (2017)
  • 3 LPs, each with its own unique custom-designed sleeve featuring Ed Sheeran's artwork
  • High-quality vinyl pressings for the best possible sound
  • Ideal gift for any Ed Sheeran fan or vinyl collector
  • Provides a listening experience that is authentic to the artist's original intent
  • Allows for a deeper appreciation of Ed Sheeran's music, lyrics, and artistry
  • Vinyl format adds warmth and depth to the sound that digital cannot recreate
  • Each LP is housed in an anti-static polyethylene inner sleeve to protect the vinyl from scratches and static buildup
  • The collection offers a rare opportunity for fans to own all three of Ed Sheeran's studio albums in one boxed set that will be appreciated for years to come

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